Apple reveals "Best of 2012" in the iTunes App Store

Facebook has already done their year-end thing for 2012, and so has Twitter and Google. Apple is joining in on the fun with their own "Best of 2012" apps in the iTunes App Store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from in the App Store, and there's a pretty good chance you missed some great ones that came out in 2012. Apple has your back, though.

As far as numbers go, Google's YouTube app topped the list of free iPhone apps, with Angry Birds Space taking the top spot as far as paid iPhone apps, as well as paid iPad apps. Skype took #1 on the free iPad app list. Instagram, WhatsApp, Temple Run, and Where's My Water? all took second place, respectively.

Apple also took the opportunity to single out some iOS favorites, by naming Action Movie FX its iPhone App of the Year, and Rayman Jungle Run the iPhone Game of the Year. On the iPad, Paper and The Room took top honors, respectively. We're not sure what Apple was basing their judgements on, but none of these apps were toward the top of their respective lists.

Aside from apps, Apple also rounded up the best of 2012 with music, movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts. Frank Ocean took top honors as Best Artist, The Avengers as the Best Blockbuster, Breaking Bad as the Best TV show, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller as the Best Novel (The Fifty Shades trilogy owned the top three spots as far as Best Sellers), and NPR: TED Radio Hour took the Best Podcast.