Apple reportedly drops two iMac models: This is why

It looks like it may be the end of the road for some models of the 21.5-inch 4K iMac. New reports today are claiming that Apple has ended production on 21.5-inch models that include 512GB and 1TB SSDs, so if you had one of those on your shopping list, you may have missed your chance to get one. Indeed, neither storage option is available through Apple's website at the moment, further fueling speculation that they've been discontinued.

Anonymous sources familiar with Apple's supply chain told AppleInsider that the company has, in fact, decided to halt production on those models, but there are still a couple of options for those in the market for a 21.5-inch iMac. The 256GB SSD and 1TB Fusion drive models are still available at the time of this writing, and then of course we also have the 27-inch iMac models that are still available as well.

So, why would Apple end production on some iMac models but not others? Apple could be thinning the herd a little bit before it announces a refresh of the 21.5-inch iMac, something that's been rumored for months now. Apple has good reason to refresh that particular model at some point this year – not only does AppleInsider note that the last refresh for that model came in early 2019, but there's also the fact that Apple is now making its own CPUs.

Slowly but surely, we've seen Apple start to refresh its product lineup with its own silicon, moving away from Intel-based processors. While those efforts have been focused on MacBooks so far, reports have claimed that Apple is working on its own desktop CPU and plans to debut it in new iMac models.

We've also heard that Apple is taking inspiration from the Pro Display XDR when designing 2021's iMac, and that the new all-in-ones will have colorful chassis as well. We'll see if all of those rumors pan out at some point this year, but assuming they do, then the new iMac should be quite the machine.