Apple iMac 2021 leak tips return to colorful desktops, sans Jeff Goldblum

A 2021 iMac was rumored today with a potential release in several colors. Much like our favorite Apple desktop campaign ever released with Jeff Goldblum, these desktop machines are rumored to be released in an array of colors. They won't be as wild as those original iMacs, with their transparent backsides in purple, pink, and blue – they'll be slightly more modern, if they prove to be viable and/or actually released.

The latest rumor suggests that current prototypes of the current (new) iMac are in testing in black, green, white, rose gold, and a light blue. These colors are very similar to the array of colors Apple currently has employed with the iPad Air.

Information was leaked by Jon Prosser, who also delivered the image above. These devices would likely be part of the array of devices that'll be released in the second Apple event of the year here in 2021. As noted in a leak this January from Bloomberg, two iMac models will potentially be released this year to replace the 21.5- and 27-inch iMac models Apple currently has in stores.

It's expected that the new iMac will have a far smaller bezel than is on the otherwise most current iMac. It's suggested that the back of the iMac would be flat, rather than bowed, and that the look would be closer to that of the current Apple Pro Display XDR – likely without quite so many holes.

At the moment it does not appear that Jeff Goldblum has been tapped to take part in any sort of ad campaign for the new iMac. This is unfortunate. We'd love to see more of that strange energy summoned here for the year 2021.

Stay tuned as we get a better idea of when this next event will take place. Check the timeline below for more information on what Apple has coming up first.