Apple removing delivery dates from iPad mini LTE pre-orders

Last week, we reported that customers who pre-ordered an LTE model of the iPad mini were getting confirmations of delivery dates with their order, some saying that they would get theirs as early as November 21 (one of our commenters even mentioned the 20th for him). However, it seems that Apple is redacting these dates and substituting in "mid-November" instead.

We're not really sure why Apple is doing this, but many customers have reported that the delivery date for their iPad mini LTE units changed from a specific date to "mid-November." Apple's website has always read "mid-November," so we were even surprised in the first place to see that people were receiving solid release dates.

One theory is that Apple is suddenly experiencing delays of some kind. Whether it'd be back-order delays, shipping delays, or what have you, that's probably the culprit considering that all versions of the iPad mini are now sold out. Apple CEO Tim Cook even said himself that the company is "in a significant state of backlog."

So, it's very possible that those who were told a delivery date sometime between November 20 and November 23 could see a longer delay, possibly well into December, which is probably the worst time to buy anything considering the holiday rush. If you bought an LTE version of the iPad mini, let us know if your delivery date was changed.

[via 9to5Mac]