Apple (RED) drive raises millions in the fight against AIDS

Some might chide billion dollar tech companies for their monopolies or business practices, but no one can probably deny the influence and clout these companies have, especially in raising awareness and funds for humanitarian causes. Take for example this latest case with Apple and its Product Red campaign last month. The drive was designed to raise funds for AIDS research and treatment through purchases of Apple products and apps. This year, that campaign yielded a whopping $20 million for a just cause.

To give due emphasis to World AIDS Day, Apple signed off its Apps for (RED) campaign to raise both awareness and money to combat AIDS worldwide but especially in Africa. That period happily coincided with the holidays and the shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the perfect time to convince people to jump on a selfless cause. During that period, certain apps from the iTunes App Store have gone red, either in visuals, in-game items, or upfront price. Apple retail stores were also included in the drive, with a portion of proceeds donated to the Global Fund.

In an email to employees, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the total amount for the quarter amounted to $20 million. That is definitely a laudable amount, both in itself and in context. Apple has been donating to Project Red for years and in total, they have given over $100 million. This year might be their biggest so far.

It is an achievement that Apple can definitely be proud of and should perhaps move others to follow suite. As Apple already not so subtly hinted, it doesn't mind other companies copying it when it's for the common good.

VIA: Re/code