Apple quietly delays some international iPad mini 4G preorders

Delivery times for some preorders of the iPad mini WiFi + Cellular have slipped back into early December, with Apple quietly updating its tracking system from the original "late November" estimate for international buyers. Some shoppers checking their order status today have found that Apple has pushed back the delivery to December 4, even if they placed orders for the 3G/4G-enabled tablet shortly after it went up for sale.

According to SlashGear's checks with UK orders, the change in shipping estimates appears to have impacted the cheapest WiFi + Cellular model, the 16GB version. That, as per the screenshot above, now lists a December 4 delivery date; however, the same constraints don't appear to have affected more expensive versions.

A separate order for the 32GB iPad mini WiFi + Cellular – placed at the same time as the 16GB order – shows that it is expected as much as a week earlier than its cheaper counterpart. Apple suggests it will arrive between November 26 (in keeping with the "late November" timescale originally promised) and December 3.

Sales of the iPad mini with 4G kicked off in the US at the end of last week, though demand for the tablet means that new online orders aren't expected to ship for another two weeks. A similar delay is listed for new international orders.

Update: Looks like the delays could be color dependent, too. Al Sutton's order for a 32GB white & silver iPad mini WiFi + Cellular has also been pushed back to December 4: