Apple Q3 income hits $8.8 billion

This financial quarter has been a surprise for Apple in that analysts actually aimed a bit loftier than the company's actual landing point, but that doesn't mean $8.8 billion dollars in net income is anything to scoff at. Apple's sales rose to $35 billion USD this quarter compared to $28.6 billion on year ago at this time as well. Net income at $8.8 billion is just a bit of a bump from $7.3 billion, while profit ended up being $9.32 a share – this joined by Apple's decision to once again offer a dividend to stock holders.

Analysts on average – according to Forbes, anyway – had the company set up for sales of $37.2 billion and a profit of $10.36 a share. These numbers show Apple for the first time since 2003 beating analysts average estimates, while Cupertino certainly remains bullish for the very near future. Apple also let investors know that they sold 26 million iPhone and 17 million iPads this past quarter as well.

Have a peek at the rest of our Q3 Apple financial coverage in the timeline below (with a few bonus earnings posts from quarters past), and prepare for more revelations as the day goes on.