Apple poaches Microsoft data center GM Kevin Timmons

The evidence that Apple has something to do with a massive cloud-based push keeps mounting to the point that it's nearly impossible to not think that something big is coming from Cupertino. I reported earlier in the week that Apple was rumored to be getting a new cloud video service and a TV or set top box ready for the big time. A day later another analyst came out and noted that his research had led to the same conclusion that Apple was getting a TV product ready.

Another bit of evidence that the Apple cloud streaming video application is coming has surfaced with a new hire by Apple. Apple has hired Kevin Timmons away from Microsoft. Timmons was general manager of the Microsoft data centers that power the software faints global cloud computer operations.

Timmons is reportedly taking a leadership position at Apple. The hire hints that the big data center I mentioned before in North Carolina isn't all Apple is eyeing. The rumors earlier in the week claimed that Apple was setting up data centers around the country and around the world. Microsoft noted that Timmons was leaving but didn't say where he was going. Timmons going to Apple comes from industry sources.

[via Datacenterknowelge]