Apple HDTV coming this year?

I mentioned yesterday that an analyst at Jefferies thought that evidence was pointing to Apple possibly launching a new video streaming platform and maybe even a new set-top box or TV this year. Another analyst at Ticonderoga Securities named Brian white has now announced that his research has led him to a very similar conclusion.

According to White Apple could launch a new HDTV this year and enter into the $100 billion LCD HDTV market. White says that the data suggests that Apple is looking at launching a new Smart TV by the end of the year. He said that this would me more than the Apple TV on the market already. White also notes that Apple appears to be moving down the HDTV path faster than expected.

Another analyst from Piper Jaffray named Gene Muster has said in the past that Apple would enter into the HDTV market with a set carrying a price near $2,000. Munster also thinks that the huge $3.9 billion investment in securing components like screens for the iPhone and iPad is another sign of investments in hardware for the TV push. However, Munster thinks that the TV will not come until the end of 2012 at the earliest.

[via AppleInsider]