Is Apple readying a new cloud video service and TV or set-top box?

The speculation surrounding what Steve Jobs and Apple have up their sleeves is never ending. An analyst at Jefferies named Peter Misek thinks he knows what will be next for Apple and he thinks that the product will revolutionize video just as iTunes revolutionized music. Misek bases his predictions on "weeks" of channel checking with developers and content partners on Apple's plans.

Misek says that he thinks Apple has a new data center in North Carolina that has gone live or will go live very soon. He also thinks that Apple is building a second super data center next to it. He notes that Apple owns land next to the first data center and the opening ceremony had a mock up with two data centers side by side. Misek also notes that he thinks Apple is negotiating for data centers around the world including more in the US right now.

Misek believes that all the purchasing and building of data centers points to one thing – Apple plans a cloud video service. The service he believes will go along with a new TV or possibly a new set-top box. I think such a plan would only make sense with a set-top box and a TV, or at least a set-top box alone. I wouldn't buy a new TV but I might put a set-top box into the mix. Misek also believes that the launch of a video platform and a new set top box could integrate the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone into the system as well, drive mores sales for Apple devices, and bring more customers to Apple. He estimates that a video service and new products could push Apple revenue as high as $171 billion in fiscal 2012.

[via IBTimes]