Apple OS X 10.9 Sees Boost In Secret Beta Testing

Back in November when we heard that OS X 10.9 was being secretly tested by a select number of users (most likely various Apple employees), we remained curious to see what kind of progress the new rumored version would make after a few months. Apple has been releasing updates to OS X every year or so, which means that 10.9 will most likely release sometime this summer based on the operating system's updating cycle.

Back in November, a select number of websites were reporting that they were getting a few visitors that were running OS X 10.9, and now it seems that number has jumped quite significantly since then. AppleInsider has reported that the number of users running OS X 10.9 spiked in January, according to their traffic logs, claiming that they've gotten "thousands" of hits from OS X 10.9 machines.

Of course, last year Apple announced OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 during the month of February, so it's very possible that we could officially hear about version 10.9 sometime soon, although we're keeping the salt by our side as always. While it seems that 10.9 is really close to an unveiling, we won't officially believe in it until we see it, of course.

However, it's obvious that Apple will release a major update to OS X at some point in the future, and they've been on a yearly release schedule for the past few releases, so it could be as far ahead as this summer before we see 10.9 show up for download. The biggest question remains, however: What cat will Apple give its next major OS X update this time around?

[via AppleInsider]