Apple OS X 10.9 appears across the web

Apple may have just released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion a few months ago, but that doesn't mean the next version isn't being worked and tested on. According to several websites, they have been noticing visits from users with machines listed as running OS X 10.9, which would be Apple's next major OS X update.

Obviously, not a large number of hits are coming from these supposed OS X 10.9 machines. AppleInsider said they have received over 30 total visitors that were marked using "Intel 10.9", and other websites have reported a few visitors with OS X 10.9 machines as well. However, we at SlashGear haven't spotted any OS X 10.9 activity yet.

The small number of computers that are supposedly running OS X 10.9 could mean that Apple is already testing very early betas of the next major OS X update, and only a select handful are trying it out at the moment. Of course, these statistics can be faked, so it's definitely something to take with a grain of salt.

However, it's obvious that Apple will release a major update to OS X at some point in the future, and they've been on a yearly release schedule recently, so it could be as far ahead as summer 2013 before we see 10.9 pop up. The only other question remains, however: What cat will Apple give its next major OS X update this time around?

[via AppleInsider]