These are Apple's Spring 2019 iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands

Apple doesn't just have new AirPods to go with your iPhone and Apple Watch today: there's also a range of new cases, straps, and bands for Spring 2019. The new line-up of accessories includes most of the different styles of Apple Watch band we've seen before, including Hermès and Nike versions, while there are some fairly striking colors for your iPhone, too.

Spring 2019 official iPhone cases

Apple has new silicone and leather options for its latest iPhone models for Spring 2019. On the silicone side, there are three new colors: Delft Blue, Papaya, and Spearmint. Each is priced at $39.

On the leather side, meanwhile, there are also three new colors. Lilac, Cornflower, and Sunset are all joining the range. Each is priced at $49.

In addition, Apple has new iPhone Leather Folio cases. They're still $129, but now come in Cornflower, Sunset, and Lilac. Finally, if you're in the market for a Smart Battery Case, you can now have that in Pink Sand along with the usual white and black, also for $129.

Spring 2019 official Apple Watch bands

Swapping out Apple Watch straps is one of the easiest ways to make the wearable more distinctive. Today's new Spring 2019 bands are intended for the Apple Watch Series 4, but you'll be able to use them with your earlier Series model as well. As you'd expect, they're available in both 44mm and 40mm sizes.

In the Sport Bands, there are three new colors. Delft Blue, Papaya, and Spearmint join the line-up, priced at $49 each. Apple also has new Sport Loops, in four new colors: Cerulean, Papaya, Spearmint, and Lilac. They're also $49 apiece.

If you want leather, there are new options there, too. The Leather Loop, with its distinctive quilted design, is now available in Cornflower and Sunset, each priced at $149. The Modern Buckle, meanwhile, is now available in Lilac, Sunset, and Cornflower, each priced at $149.

Spring 2019 Hermès and Nike Apple Watch bands

Finally, there are Apple's collaborations with designers: Hermès and Nike. The former has new Double Tour and Single Tour color options. Rose Sakura/Craie/Argile, Bleu Lin/Craie/Bleu du Nord, and Etoupe have all been added, each priced at $339.

For Nike, there's a new range of Twist Sport Bands. Black/Hyper Grape, Spruce Fog/Vintage Lichen, and Teal Tint/Tropical have all been added, with their eye-catching two-tone finish. They're priced at $49 each.

Finally, there are the new Nike Sport Loops. Spruce Fog, Teal Tint, Hyper Grape, Summer White, and Black have all been added. They're also priced at $49 each.