Apple October 14th Event ad shows new 13.3-inch MacBook

The Apple MacBook 'Brick' event is just around the corner, but knowing that we'll soon find out what Steve Jobs & Co have up their sleeves doesn't stop the rumors from circulating.  bbGadgets have done some basic deduction from the shadowy notebook image in the Apple October 14th advert, and based on the typical size of the illuminated logo they've decided it's a 13.3-inch model.

An obvious suggestion, then, is that we're looking at the lid of the new MacBook, with the same LED-backlit 13.3-inch display as the MacBook Air but entry level hardware and, obviously, a thicker body. 

Of course, all this calculation and counting could be pointless if Apple hasn't actually used a to-scale image of whatever MacBook it is they're announcing.  Other rumors have suggested that there will be at least four new models on the stage come Tuesday, so it's unlikely that the image represents the sole Apple product.