Apple MacBook 'Spotlight' Event confirmed October 14th: SlashGear LiveBlog

Apple will hold a MacBook launch event on October 14th, where new MacBook and MacBook Pro models are expected to be announced.  The much-rumored event will be held at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, and start at 10am PST; we'll be Live Blogging the whole event at the usual place,

Top of the rumor list has been the ongoing 'Brick' teaser, which has prompted speculation ranging from a new power adapter with integrated networking and optical drive, through a "Windows smashing" metaphor and ending up as a new case manufacturing process.  That has been described as a laser-guided water-jet system that can carve a MacBook shell from a sold block of aluminum, saving money in the process.

Most recently, an $800 entry-point for MacBook ownership has been tipped, as well as various leaked photos purporting to be fresh casing designs.  Whatever the plan, we'll find out all about it on Tuesday morning next week, so join us at!