Apple Music Memos Makes iPhone Your Backing Band

Apple is turning iOS devices into not only music recorders but full virtual backup bands, with a free app called Music Memos. Launched today for iPhone and iPad, Music Memos builds on what Apple says is a common use for its Voice Memos app, preloaded as part of iOS, namely musicians relying on it for capturing impromptu inspiration.

Whereas Voice Memos just captures a simple sound file, however, the clever part of Music Memos is how it can handle and process audio. For a start, it records in lossless format, and supports tagging and rating for easier rediscovery later.

However it can also analyze rhythm and chords from piano and acoustic guitar recordings, then automatically figure out matching drums and a bass line. The promise is that it'll be tailored to fit the feel of the fledgling track you've created.

If you agree, meanwhile, the app can display the basic notation for the chords played.

Gems worth building on can be imported into GarageBand and Logic Pro X, with iCloud used as the synchronization glue in-between. It'll also be possible to email the files.

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If – like Drake – you have an Apple Music Connect account, you'll also be able to publicly share Music Memos creations with any fans that subscribe to your page.

Apple is releasing Music Memos as a free download in the App Store today. It'll work with the iPhone 4s and later, and iPad 2 and later.