Apple may soon drop prices in bundles, per iPhone code leak

An iOS update revealed details about Apple's next several "bundle offer" and "bundle subscription" deals for Apple products and service. An update for iOS 13.5.5 beta showed that the company is preparing several bundles in the near future. Bundle offer and subscription code did not get specific on which products and/or services would be offered, but clues from the last mention of such terms give us a bit of an indication of what's coming soon.

Services from Apple that require a subscription fee are Apple Music, Apple TV+. and Apple News+. Each of these services is meant to cost approximately $10 per month. If the mentioned "bundles" combine two or more of these services, it would not be a shock to find any sort of discount a giant boon for Apple customers already on the brink of taking advantage of Apple's offerings.

Per a 9to5Mac report, references to the terms "bundle offer" and "bundle subscription" did not exist in official before the latest release of iOS 13.5.5 internal files. The codes are "related to the management system of Apple's own seervices subscriptions like Apple News+," so we can safely rule out this "bundle" business being about 3rd-party products.

It's still possible, however unlikely, that Apple will bundle their next-generation hardware products with subscription services. Imagine purchasing a pair of Lava Red Powerbeats Pro earbuds and getting a (discounted) subscription to Apple Music+ – with a price that might well go back up to $10 after... say... a year?

Would you find yourself more likely to join an Apple service (Music, News, TV) if you could get more than one service for a discounted price? Once you subscribe to a service, how likely are you to unsubscribe from said service? How likely are you to unsubscribe from Netflix? The effort that goes into UNsubscribing from a service is one of the most powerful forces in subscription services in the world today – of that you can be sure!