Apple Mac takes desktop and notebook top-spots in US

Chris Davies - Oct 23, 2012
Apple Mac takes desktop and notebook top-spots in US

Apple‘s Mac is the number one desktop in the US market, while its MacBook line-up is the number one notebook in the US, company CEO Tim Cook has confirmed. In fact, Apple’s Mac growth has outpaced the PC market for the past six years.

Cook revealed the sales stats news today at the company’s iPad mini event, which also saw a new MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display model revealed. Apple credits the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display for part of its sales success, though both desktops and notebooks have been selling well.

In fact, Apple struggled to keep the Retina Display MacBook Pro 15 in stock when it first hit shelves, with demand outstripping supply. That’s despite a premium price tag at the top end of the MacBook Pro line-up, though Apple did reportedly have issues getting the high-resolution screens it needed from suppliers.

Still, not all of Apple’s line-up has been so blessed with regular updates. The Mac Pro, for instance, has languished for years without a refresh, amid persistent rumors that Apple would like to delete the pro-desktop completely.

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