Apple Mac Pro mini rumored with "cube" aesthetic

There's a rumor this week that Apple's diving back in to the desktop business head first. Not that the company ever really left, but given the amount of users that are now either working from home or plan on staying home after months and months of global pandemic and quarantine due to COVID-19, Apple seems to be seeing the opportunity to ramp up their desktop efforts once more.

According to John Prosser, who also delivered the image you see above, Apple has a new Mac Pro "mini" in the making. This new device is rumored to work with a look that's not unlike the old-school G4 Cube, or a cross between said G4 Cube and the much shorter Mac Mini.

Per Prosser and another set of rumor via Bloomberg earlier this year, the Mac Pro mini will not replace the Mac Pro entirely. Instead, it's tipped that the Mac Pro will receive a new iteration with essentially the same external hardware design as the 2019 model, here in 2021 with the newest in processor power inside.

It's expected that both devices will work with the newest in new macOS software and a healthy collection of ports and wireless connectivity alike. USB-C, HDMI, and the rest – all the hits!

Rumors suggest this week that Apple's desktops in 2021 will be released alongside a new Apple-made display. This next-generation display is tipped to be slightly more affordable than the otherwise most recent Apple Thunderbolt Display. Cross your fingers for an array of holes at the back, like the Pro Display XDR. There may not be as many holes, but chances are, there'll be some!

ALSO NOTE: These same two sources suggested that there'll be new iMac devices here in 2021. The most recent round says there'll be color, but no serious mention of Jeff Goldblum has yet been confirmed as yet.