Apple 'Lucky Bag' coming back to Japan this year

Apple has announced their "Lucky Bag" promotions are coming back to Japan. The deal, which brings a bag full of goodies for a remarkably lower price than normal, has a history of success with Apple fans. The mystery bags offer up equipment and other goodies like accessories, and no two bags are alike. Last year, we heard some of the bags may have had Mac Pros inside, so who knows what Japanese customers may see this year. They're not cheap, though — the bags sold for around $340 last year.

Last year, each bag had one Apple hardware product, so $340 could end up being a real steal. If you bought a Lucky Bag and scored a MacBook Air (or even an iPad), that out-of-pocket spend seemed like nothing.

In addition to the device, the bags traditionally have accessories for the hardware as well as some customized bags.

This year, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus should drive sales of the Lucky Bags. The iPad Air 2 is also a winner, and all come with a variety of accessories to round out the bag.

Be careful, though. You'd likely be looking for an iPhone, but iPods are still lurking. You could also end up with an older iPhone, like the 5S or 5C.

Even with the pitfalls associated with mystery grab-bags, we're excited to see if any big surprises come of it. Maybe instead of actual hardware, Apple will include vouchers for the Apple Watch!

Source: Apple

Via: 9to5Mac