Apple launches iTunes Tumblr blog

Apple has apparently been bitten by the Tumblr bug, launching its own iTunes blog on the service. As you would expect, the blog is decked out with everything music related, including those ever-popular GIFs that dot Tumblr's landscape. In addition to the music, users can also find videos, images and such on books, television, and movies, including things like the best books of 2014 on iTunes. It's the latest of what seems to be a growing social presence for iTunes.

Called the "iTunes Tumblr", the blog is flashy and has a nice layout, standing out from the crowd while retaining the most beloved aspects Tumblrites have come to know and adore. The content is split up into four categories (Music, Movies, etc.), and posts are mostly images and GIFs.

The same sharing features are in place as you find on other Tumblr blogs (reblogging, etc.), so it's all familiar territory. This follows the company's recent trot onto Instagram, where users can now follow and browse and official iTunes Instagram account.

Don't feel like browsing through the Tumblr blog for "Best of 2014" posts? We've got the full list here for your enjoyment. Be sure to hit up our related iTunes tag portal for other recent iTunes news, as well as the SlashGear Apple Hub!

SOURCE: 9to5Mac