Apple launches ‘How to Shoot on iPhone 7’ photography how-to series

Brittany A. Roston - May 11, 2017, 7:17pm CDT
Apple launches ‘How to Shoot on iPhone 7’ photography how-to series

Apple has long positioned the iPhone’s camera as a top consumer photography product, one capable of producing pro-level photos and videos including a certain Burberry fashion shoot. Mobile photography is more popular than ever and here to help improve the general quality of it is Apple, which has released a series of instructional guides and videos detailing how to shoot with the iPhone 7’s camera in particular.

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Each video is short, sweet, and on point — only a minute or so long but covering the exact steps necessary to take a particular type of photograph…assuming you’re using an iPhone 7, of course. The how-to guides touch on topics like portrait photography including the iPhone 7 Plus’s nifty depth-of-field feature. Other things like exposure control, different photo modes, and more make an appearance.

If you’re educated on the topic of photography, none of the videos are likely to help you much with the exception of those new to iPhone. The guides are a welcomed way to get fast and precise information about using the iPhone 7’s camera app in particular, though, as well as providing tips on best leveraging the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual rear cameras.

The company has released a total of five videos at the moment, all of which are available on the Apple YouTube page (link below). In addition to those videos, Apple has also released a “How to shoot on iPhone” website that includes 16 guides. Topics among those guides include things like “How to shoot a backlit subject,” “How to edit a selfie,” “How to shoot a sunset silhouette,” “How to shoot during golden hour,” and “How to shoot a one-handed selfie.”


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