Apple iWatch tipped for 2013 launch

We've been hearing about a lot of buzz about a possible new smartwatch coming straight out of Cupertino. While we've certainly heard a lot about what the alleged watch will feature, we've never heard many rumors about when we'd actually be able to buy the thing. It turns out, however, that sources are saying the iWatch will be available to consumers this year.

According to Bloomberg, one of the team members currently working on the iWatch at Apple says that the watch will be introduced later this year, most likely in the early fall when Apple usually announces new products. This goes along with a very early rumor that we heard back in December. Bloomberg says that a smartwatch has been a long-time project that Apple's Jony Ive has been wanting to work on, and it's said that Ive handed out Nike sports watches a few years ago for his team to study.

It's said that around 100 engineers are working on the iWatch project, so there's certainly no shortage of manpower behind the task, so it would make sense if we would see the iWatch come to fruition as early as later this year. The iWatch could come with the same features as the recently-launched Pebble watch, but may come with even more capabilities.

As for battery life, The Verge reports that Apple is aiming for four to five days on a single charge, according to their sources. However, current prototypes that are being tested are only lasting around a couple of days, so that's definitely an issue that the Cupertino-based company is having problems with, so we're not sure if the watch will actually last a full work week, but let's hope so.

[via Bloomberg]