Apple has 100-person team working on smartwatch-like device, says sources

On Sunday, we reported that Apple is allegedly working on a smartwatch-like device, according to sources who are said to be familiar with the situation. Now, according to Bloomberg, more sources have come forward and stated that Apple has a team of approximately 100 individuals working on the wearable device. Such an enormous team size indicates that Apple is more than just "experimenting" with such technology.

According to the sources, the team is comprised of software and hardware engineers, marketing group members, and managers. The device they are working on with be similar to a wristwatch, but will perform tasks that are currently done by an iPhone or iPad. The watch will likely connect to the wearer's iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, but may function as a standalone device as well. Not much else is known aside from the speculation and rumors.

According to the original source, Apple has already been in talks with Foxconn, which is said to be actively developing wearable device technology for several companies, not just Apple. In particular, the manufacturer is said to be working on creating more power-efficient displays for the smartwatches, which will have limited space for batteries and require a long battery life due to the nature of the device.

Likewise, the sources are reported as saying that Apple has actually been looking into wearable devices for quite some time now, and had originally said that the company had already hired some employees, a statement the latest crop of sources have elaborated on. Apple has again declined commenting on the rumors, so take it all with a grain of salt.

[via Bloomberg]

[Concept image by ADR Studio]