Apple Reportedly Testing Wearable Smartwatch-Like Devices

According to individuals familiar with the situation, Apple is testing designs for a "watch-like device," something that sounds similar to the popular Pebble smartwatch. The company has already been in discussions about the device with Foxconn, which is reported as actively working on wearable device technology for multiple companies, says the sources.

According to the Wall Street Journal, one of the sources says that Foxconn is currently working on making the wearable device displays more power-efficient for battery purposes. If Apple does ever release a wearable device, it is said that it'll be integrated with the iPhone, probably connecting with the device via Bluetooth and allowing the two to have a symbiotic relationship.

This isn't a new thing for Apple, according to the sources, which say the company has been looking into wearable devices for quite some times. The company has allegedly gone so far as to hire employees with experience related to the technology. Apple declined commenting on the situation, and Foxconn has not said anything about the matter.

If the Pebble smartwatch is any indication, this type of device could be wildly popular. The Pebble, which connects with a mobile device, reached its $100k pledge goal in a little over an hour and a half on Kickstarter, and went on to break records and receive thousands of pledges. We'll keep you updated as more details surface, so stay tuned.

[via Wall Street Journal]