Apple Issues Refunds After Final Cut Pro X Complaints

When Apple first previewed the next-gen flagship film editing software, Final Cut Pro X, back in April, it was touted as a "jaw-dropping" completely revamped 64-bit masterpiece. And, all for an amazing never before seen low price. However, since its debut last week, loyal users that went for the upgrade have indeed jaw-dropped but not in a good way. Luckily, many that complained were able to get refunds, something not typical of Mac App Store sales.

The new Final Cut Pro X quickly became one of the top selling apps being sold exclusively in the Mac App Store. But, its over one thousand ratings are mostly one star. The software has had many of its pro features stripped away and isn't backwards compatible, meaning movie projects made in the prior version cannot be opened.

The Mac App Store's policies usually make all sales final, but it looks like Apple is hearing the complaints loud and clear. Many upset customers filed requests through a customer service form and were able to get refunds issued.

One of Apple's email responses read:

Please note that this is a one time exception because iTunes Terms and Conditions state that all sales are final.

Another response from an Apple rep suggested that there may be a large number of complaints:

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding your email, as we have been receiving higher volumes than usual. This is certainly not the customary time for a response and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

It's said that Apple will be releasing updates every 6 months to add new and missing features, but it's not clear when the releases would start.

[via MacNN]