Apple Final Cut Pro X To Get Updates Every Six Months

Apple's flagship film editing software finally got its long awaited update with the release of Final Cut Pro X yesterday only to face heavy criticism. The new version was rebuilt from the ground up to be a 64-bit application boasting more power and features all with a lower price. But, it turns out a lot of features pros have come to expect were cut out during the process. In response, Apple reportedly claims to release updates for improvements and missing features every six months.

The new Final Cut Pro X has been dubbed by frustrated users as the new "iMovie Pro" suggesting that the new software has been dumbed down to the consumer level. It also doesn't help that Apple is eliminating its "prosumer" Final Cut Express and its high-end Final Cut Server, making Final Cut Pro X seem like an attempt to be everything while ending up missing the needs of its target users.

Missing are EDL or XML export and OMF output for mixing audio with Pro Tools among many other pro features. But perhaps most incredulous is that projects made in previous versions of Final Cut Pro cannot be imported to this new version. That one doesn't even require a pro to complain about. It's very puzzling that Apple would release Final Cut Pro X when it seems to be at such a premature stage in development. Hopefully, Apple delivers on the every-6-month update promise if not sooner, or else it could see a lot of defectors.

[via ArsTechnica]