Apple iPad App Store Shown Off in Video

Less than a week. That's the length of time remaining for the hundreds of thousands of people out there who pre-ordered their very own Apple tablet. And in classic Apple pre-launch goodness, we're in the middle of a deluge of images, leaked information, and general goodness regarding what's coming. This time around, we've got video of what we should expect from the iPad App Store come this Saturday, cover flow and all.

There isn't much in the way of news here. It's just a 90-second video of what we probably already had all envisioned in our minds, anyway. Either way, it still looks good. From the list of Apps, we can see some familiar faces: Twitterific for one, along with Flight Control HD. The video also goes a bit into the applications themselves, showing us what their individual screens will look like after you've chosen one from the available list. And, just as we've noticed in other leaks, the "HD" moniker is definitely going to be a big part of the iPad App Store. That is, unless the app itself, much like Fieldrunners showcases, has iPad included in the title.

In addition, we're hearing that the number of applications available specifically for the iPad as of right now is 100. That's obviously in addition to the number of applications already available in the App Store. Whether or not the number of approved apps for launch date increases before Saturday increases is anyone's guess. Though, we'd put our bets on that number getting a little bit higher, considering that the deadline for applications to get launched on April 3rd was yesterday. We're sure Apple is going to push to have quite a few quality applications made available day one.

[via MacStories]