Apple iPad Will be Sold in Best Buy Starting April 3rd

The tablet from Apple, affectionately called the iPad, launches this Saturday. We're starting to see rumors of increased sales, along with leaked images of the impending iPad App Store. It's all coming to a head, with Saturday marking the official release of one of Apple's most sought after devices. This is, what, six years in the making? Something like that. In any event, there's been a few ups and downs regarding exactly where the iPad would be sold. Online, obviously, but anywhere else? Apple Retail Stores: check. And then AT&T managed to get name dropped, but that's been summarily shut down. But, Best Buy's name keeps popping up, and now it looks like we can officially say it's been confirmed.

Thanks to an inventory screenshot, we can see that all three models of the iPad, with WiFi only, are going to be in some Best Buy retail locations across the United States. Although it's pretty blurry, we think we can make out that about 675 stores are going to be carrying the iPad on launch date. There are also talks going on to figure out a way to get the iPad into all Best Buy stores at a later date (which we're guessing is after April 12th).

If you're hoping you can order the iPad from Best Buy's website, that won't be happening. They're not selling it that through that channel. So you'll just have to walk your happy self into a store and go pick out one from the shelf. Of course, inventory screenshots can be incorrect, and this could very well be one of those times. But considering we've heard from Apple Executive Cook, along with Steve Jobs himself that Best Buy is going to sell the iPad, we have no reason to second guess the picture. So, keep your fingers crossed that your local Best Buy gets one, if you haven't already pre-ordered, and maybe you'll get lucky.

[via Engadget]