Apple injunction demands over Amazon Appstore denied

Attempts by Apple to have Amazon's use of the name Appstore for its download store blocked have failed, with the Cupertino company's legal argument failing to convince the judge presiding the case. Apple had sought an early injunction against Amazon, claiming that the retailer's Amazon Appstore for Android could "confuse and mislead customers" due to the similarity of its name with Apple's own App Store for iOS.

However, US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton decided that Apple had failed to show "a likelihood of confusion" in its case, Reuters reports, and because of that she rejected calls for an injunction. The decision should come as little surprise to the Apple legal team, however; Judge Hamilton had given them a sneak-preview of the likely ruling last month.

The case will now have to go to full trial, with that pencilled in for sometime in October 2012. It's not all good news for Amazon, however. While the judge felt Apple hadn't demonstrated its arguments sufficiently for an injunction, she also disagreed with Amazon's claims that "app store" had become a generic term.

[via Android Community]