Apple sues over App Store

I'd like to know the executive in charge of approving the name of the new Amazon Appstore over at that though it was a good idea to use Appstore. I think anyone that saw the name had to know that Apple and Steve Jobs would unleash all the legal ninjas at their disposal. This is exactly what has happened.

Apple has filed a trademark infringement suit against Amazon for the infringing on its App Store trademark. I don't think that the lack of a space in the Amazon version "Appstore" is enough to squeak by. The complaint filed by Apple read, "Amazon has begun improperly using Apple's App Store mark in connection with Amazon's mobile-software developer program."

An Amazon spokes person said, "We have a long-standing practice of not commenting on pending litigation." Apple notes that it has asked Amazon to stop infringing on the App Store name already to no avail. I really can't see Amazon winning here.

[via Bloomberg]