Apple indoor navigation hire tips iOS 8 Maps

When Apple makes a hire, it generally means they're up to something big. Hiring an indoor navigation specialist like former Wifarer CEO Philip Stanger for their crew, Apple would appear to be preparing for a big change in the way they go about handling their Maps.

This hire of a cofounder and until-recently CEO of Wifarer means Apple was seeking leadership. According to sources speaking on the subject, a leadership role is exactly that Stanger has taken with the company.

NOTE: To be clear, it does not appear that Apple has acquired Wifarer itself. Instead it's just former CEO, Philip Stanger, that's joined Apple's crew.

Apple is no stranger to indoor navigation – even though they're currently a bit short on the subject in their current iteration of Maps, as it were. They acquired the technology behind WifiSLAM in March of 2013. It was suggested then that, by using Wi-Fi signals inside a building, WifiSLAM would bring Apple into the indoor mapping universe.

At the moment, some direction by a fellow with extensive knowledge on the matter is likely in order. At the moment we have no idea when Apple's big push for indoor mapping will be revealed, but once iOS 8 rolls around, you can bet you'll get at least a hint of its functionality.

Stay tuned for June 2-6 for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco. We'll be there to deliver the whole show to you up close and personal.