Apple WWDC 2014 unclaimed tickets being offered to developers

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, which is slated for the first week of June in San Francisco, had a new ticket application process that was revealed earlier this month. Those who didn't manage to get a ticket could get another chance, it has been revealed, with unclaimed tickets being up for grabs again.

Some of the developers who were given the opportunity to buy a WWDC ticket didn't go through with it, and as a result there are left over slots to be filled. Word has surfaced that Apple is offering those slots to select developers, though the process seems random.

Developers contacted by Apple have a chance to buy one of the unclaimed slots, with the opportunity reportedly coming in the form of a phone call from Apple. Those contacted are informed that their selection was random, and they're then sent an email if they want to buy the ticket.

According to the email, the newly contacted developers then have 24 hours to buy the ticket. One would presume if a purchase doesn't take place within that time period, the open slot would then again go into the pool and be offered to yet another developer.

SOURCE: 9to5Mac