Apple iCloud Imminent, Amazon Stops Selling MobileMe

Given the recent launch of Google's Music Beta, it's expected that anticipation will build up now for Apple's rivaling offer. The rumored 'iCloud' service is believed to be more than just a cloud-based music service, and today's halting of MobileMe sales by Amazon further fuels this speculation.

Amazon finally stopped all sales of Apple's MobileMe boxed software through its own distribution centers today. Only smaller third party vendors are still offering the software, which Apple themselves have stopped awhile ago. Back in March, Apple stopped allowing new purchases for MobileMe, instead directing customers to just sign up for the 60-day trial to fill the gap until whatever comes up next.

At the time, there was speculation that MobileMe would return as a free service, but now its uncertain if it will return at all. In fact, it now seems likely to be supplanted by a new iCloud service, which could be an all encompassing cloud-based music streaming and document sharing storage service that is also deeply integrated with both iOS and OSX. Details and an officially unveiling of the new service is expected to take place at next month's WWDC conference.

[via Cult of Mac]