New MobileMe To Launch April, Revamped And Free

I've always wanted to try Apple's MobileMe service but have balked at the $99 a year cost. Yes, I have a hard time parting with my money. So I'm very excited now about the rumors that the revamped MobileMe service is not only going to the cloud, but also going to be FREE.

iLounge claims that the new MobileMe will be launched next month before Apple's big WWDC event. The new version will add cloud-storage which could mean a shift towards a cloud-based media locker system from which i-device owners can access their photos, music, and movies from anywhere via the internet.

The new version will be a complete departure, with the current version to be supported for only one more year before it goes away. Apple has already removed payment methods for the current MobileMe service and is reportedly telling suppliers that they will no longer be selling MobileMe subscriptions. The 60-day trial option is still available and is said to cover the gap between now and the new MobileMe's launch.

[via Cult of Mac]