Apple Holiday video pulls the Grandma card

This week Apple released a video aiming at televisions and the web TV crowd with the title "The Song". This spot shows off the abilities of the MacBook Air, the iPad, and a few 3rd-party devices in-between. What you'll see here is a mix of Apple products and products Apple might never manufacture, almost as if they're suggesting you'll need more than a collection of Apple-made products to live your life. Time to pull out your guitar, your record collection, and your grandma.

In the video before you you'll see Apple presenting itself as a "you'll really want to use Apple products if you want to do this right" sort of company. The young lady in this video is taking a peek at a collection of vinyl records and finds a self-recorded session, presumably made by her grandmother. This music is clearly meant for her grandfather (who appears to no longer be with them), so this young woman takes it upon herself to re-record the music for her grandma.

To do this, she needs a guitar, a record player that can transmit the music from the record to her MacBook Air, and some music recording software. Rockband should do the trick.

Once she's recorded the song in her own voice and with her own guitar, she transmits the music to her iPad Air. From there, she places the device on the table for grandma to find.

Grandma is invited to put in a pair of Apple EarPods to listen and – surprisingly – given a set of original photos by the girl. We'd have assumed she'd scan them in and present them on the iPad but – well done, Apple, you've made it feel like a natural process.