Apple expands on Q3 earnings: App Store, iCloud, and expectations

This week Apple is letting loose not only details of this most recent financial quarter, but their expectations for the future as well. The crew speaking with investors on their Q3 financial call spoke on iCloud, noting that users of the service now number close to 150 million in all. Speaking on how they're extremely excited about iOS 6, the company's next mobile operating system release, they spoke up on how the current generation of the software has yielded fabulous results for developers, with $5.5 billion dollars paid to App Store developers this past quarter along.

Apple noted today that Apple retail sales were $4.1 billion dollars with $11.1 million in average per store during the quarter. This quarter also yielded a 12% increase in store visitors across the country. Apple has had iPad adoption for enterprise triple over the past year, with everyone from British Airways to a Japanese home building group using iPads in their everyday work schedules.

In all there have been 410 million iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches sold altogether across the entirety of Apple's history, with 45 million of these sold in just this most recent quarter. With 17 million iPads sold, Apple is seeing very strong youth growth, educational usage growth, and spread, with the device now being sold in 97 countries across the earth.

With all of this greatness coming down, Apple has projected a $34 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of this year – prepping for big releases and massive sales indeed.

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