Apple employee town hall meeting letter sets the tone

Chris Burns - Jan 24, 2013, 12:05pm CST
Apple employee town hall meeting letter sets the tone

Yesterday Apple announced new record results for their financial Q1 2013 including sales of iOS devices as well as overall revenue, and with those announcements came an invite from Tim Cook to employees for a town hall meeting being held this morning. This town hall meeting will likely be extremely similar to the meeting held last year at this time after the company released its 2012 Q1 financial results, question and answer session included. At the moment we’re not entirely sure if we’ll be seeing the results of this session or if it will be closed-door employees-only in the end.

This meeting will, on the other hand, be broadcast live throughout the Apple Cupertino campus as well as other Apple employee locations. This way as many Apple employees as possible can see the session and enjoy the large group hug that they’ve earned upon creating this record-breaking quarter. The full email, according to unnamed employees sending the mail into 9to5Mac, came through last night after the earnings call.

Team, We’ve just reported another record setting quarter, thanks to everyone’s incredible hard work and focus. We sold over 75 million iOS devices in the holiday quarter alone, which is a testament to the strength of Apple’s innovation. Please join me for an employee communications meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time in the auditorium of De Anza 3.

We’ve created a space on AppleWeb where you can submit your questions in advance, and we’ll do our best to answer as many of them as we can during the meeting. The meeting will be broadcast live throughout Cupertino and at many other Apple locations.

Please check AppleWeb for details.


Employees are able to send in questions before the event and answers will likely be made available based on their importance to the event – though live, we must expect, one way or the other. Apple’s earnings call included a Q and A session that revealed several interesting points including those surrounding the supply constraints in the iMac as well as the iPad mini, this accounting for less sales than Apple feels it would have been capable of otherwise.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see every bit of detail from the financial report released yesterday as well as the Q and A that followed. Let us know if you’re expecting anything fantastical from the Town Hall meeting that’s occurring today, and be sure to stay tuned to our sizable Apple hub as well through the future!

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