Apple Creates Community Space at Retail Locations

There's a change going on at retail Apple locations, a change that's making what they hope to be a more community-oriented space for people to enter, feel comfortable in, and leave with a device in hand that they're fully ready to utilize. They way they're doing this is via several elements that together create an environment that turns the Apple store away from their showroom-centric past and towards a homey, warm, inviting place where it's no hassle to get some help with an iPad. It's turning into a place even Snoopy would love to purchase an iMac in, and you can bank on that.

Reports of this change have come first from a fellow over at by the name of Jack112006, he saying that he's found some updates to be happening across the board at Apple stores across the nation (and perhaps the world.) Have a look at his words:

As I was purchasing an iMac today, I spent quite a while talking to a few different staff members about the changes. To them, having the iPads as product info stands was nice, but the real change to them caused by the iPads is the queue system they introduce. Now, instead of having to wait around to find a free Specialist, all you have to do is request a Specialist from an iPad at the table you are at and they will be over as soon as they can be. It even tells you what place in the queue you are.

Have you been to an Apple store in the past few years looking for information on a computer or mobile device? If you have, you're likely aware that it's not the most well-adjusted place for getting answers as fast as you'd like regardless of the worker to consumer ratio being quite favorable. This new method for grabbing attention aims to alleviate the problem.

Additional information points to that ultra-thin tape cable you've perhaps seen recently connecting the iPad dock connector, both keeping a charge going and keeping the device secure via alarm. Should you attempt to pop and run, they'll know about it. This new setup for iPads also renders the home button non-functional, making it so the pre-set interactive demo software is all you're able to access.

Is this the 2.0 upgrade they were talking about?

Finally there's a bit of a friendly note traveling around meant for Apple workers to take a glance at, telling Apple employees that they're part of a machine that's moving forward, and forward, and forward:

[via Android Community]