Apple CEO Tim Cook & Siri support 'Just Say Hi' disabilities awareness

Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with iOS voice assistant Siri, have appeared in a new video for the Cerebral Palsy foundation's 'Just Say Hi' awareness campaign. The initiative has released a number of PSAs with celebrities promoting the message that the best way to communicate with someone with a disability is to talk to them like any other person, or 'just say hi' to start a conversation.

Cook's video involves the CEO asking Siri for advice on what the best way is to talk to someone who has a disability, and of course the assistant says that "it's easy," then repeating the foundation's moniker. iOS users that ask Siri the same question will also get the same response starting today.

Cook has become very public in his support for a number of human rights and equality initiatives lately, even being given a Human Rights National Visibility award back in October. With this being one his most recent public messages of support, the Cerebral Palsy foundation expressed their appreciation for his help:

It's a joy to have Tim Cook add his voice (and Siri's) to our campaign. Tim's combination of keen mind and kind heart is displayed every time that he communicates his vision to the world. We're thrilled that his outreach now includes the "Just Say Hi" campaign.

While the video was notably shot on an iPhone 6s Plus, the foundation also says that Apple has a reputation for its devices including accessibility features that make them easier to use for those people who have a range of disabilities, including dictation, assistive touch, and even Siri.