Apple busts out the Rickroll on iOS 6 developers

Get ready for a blast from the past, because Apple is using some tried-and-true tactics in trolling iOS 6 developers. Yesterday the company released its iOS 6 beta 4 changelog, giving developers a list of changes that they'll need to take into account. Of course, with iOS 6 Apple is ditching YouTube, so it had to tell developers how to properly embed videos with the new operating system. Apple saw this as an opportunity for a little fun, and decided to Rickroll developers as a result.

Rickrolling, as everyone already knows, involves getting someone to click on a link that takes them to a video of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up instead of the destination they were expecting. It was extremely popular a few years back, but these days, we don't see people getting Rickrolled all that often. Perhaps Apple thought it was time to return to the trolling methods of the past?

Truth is, Apple likes to stay serious most of the time, so even though Rickrolling has been dead and buried for quite some time now, it probably didn't know that. Indeed, it's rare to see Apple relax and crack a few jokes, so sadly, it seems that the company was behind the times and no one bothered to point that out. In other news, we had forgotten how much we hate that song before we inevitably encountered it while writing this post, but now that burning hatred is running fierce once again. Thanks for that Apple!

Still, it is good to see Apple kick back and embrace its silly side, even if that silly side is starting to show its age. Maybe we'll see Apple relax the serious side more often now? One can only hope, but admittedly such a change seems doubtful.

[via The Los Angeles Times]