Apple breaks ties with EPEAT environmental group

This week it's been revealed that Apple has requested that all of its products be removed from the national registry of environmentally sound products listed by EPEAT. This registry covers desktops, notebooks, and displays, and assures the public that every device with its seal of approval is environmentally sound. The EPEAT group is (as far as we know at the moment) still funded by the EPA, Apple, and a set of manufacturers across the USA.

EPEAT stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and Apple has pulled a total of 39 products (every Apple product registered there) within the past month. The EPEAT seal of approval considers energy consumption, recyclability, upgradeability, and the processes involved in producing the product.

This information comes straight from EPEAT where the seal-distributing group has little to say outside the fact that Apple has withdrawn all of its products from their big list. According to EPEAT, Apple has also been clear about their future together: Apple will no longer be submitting its products to EPEAT for environmental rating.

We'll leave it up to you to decide why all of this is going down for the moment – stay tuned!

[via EPEAT]