Apple bans selfie sticks at WWDC 2015

With tickets for WWDC in such high demand, it's no surprise that developers might want to share the news of their attendance with their friends. Apple is all for selfies, it turns out, but just as long as they're not being taken with a selfie stick, with the WWDC 2015 attendance policy specifically calling out the opinion-splitting accessories – and, in fact, any monopod-like device which does a similar thing – as being banned from the event.

In fact, use of the sticks is blocked from not only the Moscone Center itself, where Apple's various keynotes and sessions will run between June 8 and June 12, but in the whole Yerba Buena Gardens area around it.

Perhaps more serious than selfie sticks are the limits on what developers can and can't share from WWDC. According to Apple, chatting about upcoming functionality in iOS and OS X learned from developer sessions and labs is fine, but showing what it looks like isn't.

"Apple agrees that you may discuss technical information about pre-release Apple software or services disclosed by Apple at WWDC, except that you may not post screen shots, write public reviews or redistribute any pre-release Apple software or services" Apple

With registration requiring credit card details for the $1,599 attendance fee, though tickets not guaranteed, it might be a good idea to pre-warn your bank that you're potentially expecting a large charge, too.

That's because Apple will give no pre-warning that it's going to charge those who are picked for a ticket in the WWDC 2015 lottery; the charge will simply be taken from the developer's card. If that fails, or the bank blocks it from a surfeit of caution, Apple reserves the right to reassign the ticket to someone else.

Meanwhile, as in previous years, tickets can't be resold or reassigned, Apple's attempt to curtail the otherwise inevitable black-market in trades and auctions for those desperate to attend.

Registrations for WWDC 2015 opened today, with developers able to sign up in the hope of getting a ticket until 10am on April 17th.

SOURCE WWDC 2015 [Thanks Carl!]