Apple 25 Billionth download winner flown to Beijing

Chris Burns - Mar 29, 2012
Apple 25 Billionth download winner flown to Beijing

As you may have heard at the start of this month, Apple’s iTunes App Store had its 25 billionth download, and the prize for being the one to tip the scales went to the young lady appearing just now in Beijing newspapers collecting her prize. Chunli Fu (also reported as Fuchun Li) of Qingdao, China, downloader of the 25 billionth app, has this week been given a warm reception at the Beijing Apple store where she’s received her gift card for the iTunes Store worth a whopping $10k USD. When at first she was contacted by Apple, Fu dismissed it as a hoax – imagine her surprise when Apple confirmed and her friends started pouring in calls of congratulations.

The local media in Beijing and Qingdao (and everywhere in between) now calls Fu the “Apple Girl” and has been seeking interviews with her all month. Images above and below show her taking her first tour of the Beijing Apple store. You’ll also notice her carrying around a simple white box with her $10k USD gift card inside.

This is not the first time Apple has run such a promotion – they gave away another gigantic gift card when the iTunes App Store reached 10 billion app downloads. In that case, there were several other bonuses offered up by app developers for if the winning app downloaded was from their own collection. This time the winning app was the Disney-made app Where’s My Water? – a $0.99 download with fun physics galore.

Have a peek at the photos above and below and let us know if you’d mind receiving your own $10k USD gift card to the iTunes Store – what would you buy?

[via MIC Gadget]

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