Another Pixel 6 magic trick works on older phones

Today we're taking a peek at a sort of trick that will allow older Google Pixel devices to run a feature originally limited to Pixel 6. This is not the first time this sort of side-step into a new feature has been discovered by intrepid Android users – and it isn't likely the last. This particular trick allows basically any older Google Pixel device to use the Pixel 6's Live Translate feature.

As Android enthusiast and student Abhinav_937 suggests, even older Google Pixel devices can benefit from the newest Google Pixel Live Translate features. To get this rolling, installing the latest Pixel 6 ASI (Android System Intelligence) file will be your first step on the pathway to using the latest in Live Translate functionality.

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This file can be found at APKMirror and goes by the name Android System Intelligence S.9.playstore.pixel6.405532360 (arm64-v8a) (Android 12+).

Your device will need to be updated to the latest version of Android, too, but it won't need to be rooted or hacked in any special way. Once the ASI is installed, users need only to head to Settings – System – Live Translate.

At the moment the feature appears to work on some messaging apps, but not all. You'll need to go to Live Translate in your settings to download the languages you need to run this feature, too. You'll find switches there for "Use Live Translate" and "Only download languages on Wi-Fi" and "translate to" where you'll select your language.

With this feature enabled, your Pixel phone should react when it "detects a new language." When a new language is detected, it should "ask if you want translations." You might even be able to ask Google Assistant to "be my interpreter", allowing you to get translations on the fly, up close and personal.

Certain languages have support for different sets of features. For example German will work with Live Captioning, Interpreter mode, Messaging, and Camera. The Camera feature is the bit where you'll see translations based on what your phone can see.

Another recent revelation from XDA Developers showed that a similar install process with the official Google Camera APK allowed new features for older Pixel devices. Another APK Mirror visit seems to be the key in that case, as well. As is the case with all apps downloaded from non-Google Play sources, you do so at your own risk – so be careful!