Anonymous and LulzSec Hack US Police Files Nationwide

In an effort to continue their reign of hacking news supremacy, both LulzSec and Anonymous have claimed responsibility for a 10 gigabyte file containing social security numbers, credit card details, and vast amounts of police files including emails and confidentially sent tips on crimes. This information comes from more than 70 so-called "small-town" law enforcement agencies. Both hacking groups say they want to show solidarity with with Topiary and the Anonymous PayPal LOIC defendants as well as others – Topiary being the supposed name of one Jake Davis, a teen suspected of working with LulzSec to illegally hack several institutions.

This team of hackers, Anonymous and LulzSec, working under the name AntiSec, aka Anti-Security, released this file containing aproximately 100,000 emails from officers in states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kansas amongst other files. Inside these emails was at least one appearing to contain dozens of tip-offs about local seemingly illegal incidents from members of the public, including names and addresses of the supposed offenders and/or tipsters.

In a statement sent to the public by AntiSec, they noted the following: "We have no sympathy for any of the officers or informants who may be endangered by the release of their personal information." They went on to say that they were indeed releasing "a massive amount of confidential information that is sure to embarrass, discredit and incriminate police officers across the US." They went on to say that they hoped that they would "demonstrate the inherently corrupt nature of law enforcement [and] disrupt and sabotage their ability to communicate and terrorize communities."

What's your opinion of said situation? Should AntiSec continue to drop bombs like this every time the police apprehend one of their ranks?

[via Telegraph.CO.UK]