LulzSec hacker teen bailed: Details of 750,000 found on PC

The teenage LulzSec hacker arrested by British police last week has been released on bail this morning, despite investigations discovering the personal details of 750,000 individuals on computers seized from his home. Jake Davis, who is believed to be LulzSec spokesperson Topiary, was granted bail after the judge took into account his age, clean record and the "considerable shock" of his arrest and the media's reaction to it, The FT reports. Davis appeared at the court in London wearing Neo-style sunglasses and clutching a copy of Free Radicals: the Secret Anarchy of Science.

The exact details of the data Davis was storing on a Dell laptop and 100GB external drive have not been revealed, though are said to include email address and documents. Among the charges included involvement with the Sony PlayStation Network hack, the Serious Organized Crime Agency hack, and attacks on newspaper websites operated by News International.

In his defense, Davis' lawyer suggested that the hacker was, in fact, primarily a spokesperson and not involved in the actual process of hacking the sites. Instead, it was argued, he acted to publicize the endeavors of other members of LulzSec and Anonymous, manning the Twitter accounts.

Whether that argument will hold water remains to be seen. Davis has been banned from accessing the internet, either by computer or smartphone, and must remain at his parents' home overnight. He has agreed to hand over all passwords and account details in his possession, though has supposedly warned investigators that many credentials have likely been changed already.