Angry Birds Transformers arrives for mobile gamers

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, revealed this past summer that a new blockbuster would be assimilated into the game's bird-flinging world: Transformers. The thing is, you won't be flinging angry birds in this version of the series — you'll be running on mechanical legs and using your robot arms to bring all sorts of blasting chaos instead. Such is the magic of the transforming suits and angry birds, which hold firm in their one and true mission in life: to destroy their enemies.

Angry Birds Transformers puts gamers into a world where the EggSpark has made the eggs "into crazed robots" that are bringing all sorts of hell to Piggy Island. In order to stop this, the Autobirds are forced to work alongside the Deceptihogs to stop the destruction being caused by the EggBots.

The game is now available for both Android and iOS users, with it launching first in the App Store on October 29 and a day later in the Google Play Store. Both versions feature the expected in-app purchases, and boasts things like a Tag Team, Telepods, and the ability to operate as vehicles.

Unlike past games, Angry Birds Transformers doesn't follow the same slingshot gaming strategy, which has grown wearisome over time. Whether this change will usher in a spark (pun intended) that aids Rovio in its financial plight is another matter.

VIA: Talk Android