Android’s Super Mario Run APK download incoming [and a warning]

Chris Burns - Mar 16, 2017, 11:54am CDT
Android’s Super Mario Run APK download incoming [and a warning]

Super Mario Run is just about to launch on Android for and by Nintendo – but until then, be cautious. Since Nintendo worked with Apple to release Super Mario Run for iPhone first, Android users have been screaming bloody murder for their chance to take a crack at it. To be especially clear – when this article is set to be published, Nintendo has NOT released Super Mario Run officially, and all APK files offered by 3rd-party sources are completely illegitimate.

It’s been a few months since Nintendo released Super Mario Run for iOS. In that time, an inordinate amount of fake Super Mario Run APK files have been delivered not only to 3rd-party APK download sites for Android, but to Google Play as well. These files are not only NOT going to allow their users to play the game Super Mario Run, they also pose significant potential danger to their users via their developers.

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The good news is – the wait is not long for Super Mario Run to come to Android. An anonymous source with information on the subject has provided word that Super Mario Run is quite likely to launch on Android within the next couple weeks. This lines up quite well with previous word from Nintendo, back when the company suggested they’d be bringing the game to Android in around this timeframe.

Super Mario Run for Android will be largely the same as it was for iOS, save a few different delivery methods for content. The same accounts will be able to be used to log in, while it’s not clear whether purchases from one platform will roll over to the other. Given past decisions on this sort of thing with previous games of all sorts, chances are Super Mario Run users on iOS would have to re-purchase levels on Android.

For more information on Super Mario Run as it exists today, have a peek at our Super Mario Run tag portal. There you’ll find all the Super Mario Run information you could ever want to see. News, that is – tips as well!

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