Android Wear details stack up: Pocket app gets round

Pocket, the handy app that allows users to store something interesting for viewing later on, is preparing for the upcoming Android Wear-powered wearables future. Today on its website, the company introduced its software development kit for developers with a round smartwatch preview.

Android Wear watches will be arriving later this year in both square and round varieties, the round version (ushered in with Motorola's Moto 360) arguably being the attention getter. Pocket has shown off a short animation of what its service will look like on a round smartwatch alongside brief details on its service's wearable future.

Touching on the idea of Android Wear smartwatches serving as more than mere notification vessels, Pocket's SDK allows developers to add a "Save to Pocket" option to their Android Wear app. The function is simple, involving a swipe and tap. Pocket advises developers that it is still a work in progress at the moment, but that things will be updated as Android Wear's developer preview is filled out.

Developers wanting to get into the Android Wear market can get a jump start on the details in our recent write up, and get the low down on other recent wearables news in our SlashGear Wearables Hub.

SOURCE: Pocket